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A wiki for the Hitmen for Destiny webcomic by Oyvind Thorsby.

What is Hitmen for Destiny?Edit

Launched on November 7, 2007 [1], Hitmen for Destiny is a quirky, action-fantasy webcomic with themes of power and corruption, love and sex, and zoology. It chronicles the combined fates of Anette Iversland, a modern girl who is prophesied to commit some number of great deeds with the help of a magical sword, and of Fusk and Vorte, two agents of a mysterious organization, whose chronic incompetence sets the events of the story into motion.

In between violent confrontations with monsters and villains, and complicated situational checkmates that snowball out of control, the story occasionally veers into pop-culture parody and nightmare visions.

One of the most striking aspects of Hitmen for Destiny is its use of surprisingly detailed MSPaint art, filled with clashing, vibrant colors and surreal landscapes and character designs; One of the most intrigueing aspects of Hitmen for Destiny is it's use of monsters, each with their own unique biology and evolutionary adaptations explained in detail. One purpose of this wiki is to catalogue each of the species referred to in the comic.

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